Number 9. Salinity management

Salts are found in almost all water sources.

High concentrations of salt can damage plants, so salinity needs to be managed to avoid a buildup of salt around the plant.

Measuring salinity

Total soluble salts = the total amount of dissolved salts in the water.

This is commonly measured by the ability of water to conduct electricity – electrical conductivity (EC).

The higher the EC, the greater the amount of salt present.

Some plants are more sensitive to salts than others

Highly tolerant Moderately tolerant Sensitive
Date palm Tomato Peas
Sugar beet Alfalfa Beans
Cotton Rice Sugarcane
Asparagus Maize Pear
Spinach Potatoes Apple
Source: Food and Agricultural Organization Carrot Orange
Onion Prune
Cucumber Plum
Pomegranate Almond
Fig Apricot
Olive Peach

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