Online drippers

As mentioned previously, online drippers are often used in protected cropping applications where they are connected to a tube and a peg. However, there are exceptions.

In some open field applications, online drippers are inserted. However, this is increasingly rare as it requires additional labor to install the drippers.

The Katif PC is one exception, as it does not have an outlet that connects to the tube. It is for specialized applications where it is preferred to insert a dripper into the tube.

In most cases, online drippers will be used in protected cropping applications where precision irrigation is required, as plants receive 100% of their water and nutrients from the dripper. In these applications, you need to consider outlet types, opening and sealing pressure, and the peg that you will use.

Online dripper outlet types

Multifunction port

Straight conic-barb outlet (conic + barb) enabling a multifunction port that can be used standalone without tube, direct to 3 x 5 mm tube, or connected to tube using branching adapters.

Barbed side outlet (SOL)

A unique Rivulis solution incorporating a side outlet that enables the tube to wrap around the gutter, which in turn keeps it out of the way of workers in greenhouses in tube and peg applications.
For applications that do not use a tube and peg, the side outlet delivers the water closer to the plant’s roots, reducing evaporation.

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