Question 2 – How will the valve be controlled?

There are three different options for control – manual, electric, and hydraulic.

Manual: Manual selector

Description & common application:

  • A ball valve for manual operation.
  • Remotely controlled valves may also have a manual override installed.



  • Simple and easy in-field control.
  • Ability to override remote systems.


Hydraulic: Hydraulic relay

Description & common application:

  • Water pressure is transferred through hydraulic tube to the relay.
  • The diaphragm opens/closes due to pressure change on it.



  • Many control systems now work using hydraulic pressure to control valves. Hydraulic tube is cost effective (compared to copper wire of electrical systems), and is better in areas with high lightning risk.


Electric: Solenoid

Description & common application:

  • Current through a wire creates a magnetic field that causes piston movement.



  • Used for a number of wire control systems. Command is AC or DC from the controller, which creates a hydraulic command to open or close the hydraulic valve.



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