Hydraulic control valves, check valves and air valves

Although an irrigation system will most likely have some gate/ball valves in the system, it is expected that these are well understood and do not require explanation here. In this first section, we will focus specifically on hydraulic control valves.

Hydraulic control valves are required for efficient drip irrigation systems, and also have greater complexity, so we will explore these in detail.

Note: For simplicity, in this section, we will simply refer to hydraulic control valves as “valves”.

Below are the four functions that hydraulic control valves can specifically provide.

Enable pressure control

Regulate the pressure of water flowing through the valve (pressure reducing) so that the downstream pressure is constant.

The benefit: Increased uniformity across your field and correct operation pressures to each block.

Enable remote control

Operate the valve based on a remote source that gives a command for the valve.

The benefit: Remote activation via electric, pneumatic or hydraulic control.


Provide system protection

Depending on the valve, offer quick release of water during pressure spikes (quick relief) or keeps a minimum pressure upstream (pressure sustaining).

The benefit: Protect pumps, filters, and pipeline from pressure surges, while ensuring that equipment has the necessary pressure resistance in the line to function correctly.

Provide flow control & level control

Restrict flow rate to a determined flow rate (flow control), or close and open valves when set tank points are reached (level control).

The benefit: Ensure stable flow and water supply, including tank/reservoir level control.


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