Pre-pump protection

Surface water sources can often present problems with debris and even aquatic animals such as fish and eels. This can lead to impellers getting blocked or severely damaged.


Pre-pump protection – suction strainers

Suction strainers are used in surface water sources, where they sit submerged in the water. They function as the water intake for the system and provide a course level of protection, with screens of 1,500 microns (12 mesh) filtration, depending on the model. This is not enough filtration to protect drippers, but it prevents large debris from entering the system. A number of suction strainers, including Rivulis suction strainers, are self-cleaning, meaning that they have nozzles that continually rotate within the strainer to blow off debris that accumulates. For this cleaning mechanism to function, a pressurized water source of minimum 1.5 bar (22 psi) is required.


Pre-pump protection – pre-filtration strainer

Also called stone collectors, pre-filtration strainers sit before the pump to prevent the entry of stones and other large debris into the pump. The screens are designed to provide protection only to large objects, generally 3,000 micron (6 mesh).

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